Rat Fink Desk Keeper [RAF557GR]

Rat Fink Desk Keeper [RAF557GR]

Our Price: 3,400Yen(tax excl.)

Rat Fink Desk Keeper

Desk keeper with great existence of Rat Fink FACE.
As its name suggests you can keep small things on your desk with this Rat Fink.
On the nose part of the Rat Fink, you can use it as a stand for your glasses.
If you put a sun glasses your Rat Fink will get CQQL!
OR you can put your glasses and make him look intelligent.

In the large open mouth you can put in some small things and for the back part of his clothes,
you can put in your pens and pencils.
It is made in detail and collectible item so, add him in your Rat Fink Collection.
Use this Rat Fink and Keep your desk Clean!

Size: Height 12cm Width 9cm Depth 12cm
Material: Resin


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