Rat Fink Cheese Tray [RAF558]

Rat Fink Cheese Tray [RAF558]

Our Price: 2,800Yen(tax excl.)

Rat Fink Cheese Tray

Speaking of Rat,what they love is cheese!
It is a cute tray with Rat Fink in it.
There is a Rat Fink logo on the innerside.

Perfect size for display with the strong existance so,
you can put in your room or desk and you can be together with him any time!
In the cheese you can put some clips, stamps and other stationary.
You can also put some accessories and small stuff.

Rat Fink is watching over your belongings so that no one else can take it.
It is made in details and collectable item so, add him in your Rat Fink Collection.
Size: Height Including Rat Fink 8cm, Width 10cm Depth 13cm
Height of the cheese tray 3cm
Material: Resin


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