Drag Racing iPhone 11 Pro Flip Case [MG869-11P]

Drag Racing iPhone 11 Pro Flip Case [MG869-11P]

Our Price: 3,600Yen(tax excl.)

Drag Racing iPhone 11 Pro Flip Case

●●● START!!
With the roaring sound of the engine and the fumes "MY PUNK" and "MOONBUG" starts.
It is designed by Wildman in the Cartoon style and,
it makes you feel that your are watching the drag right there.
It is a foldable iPhone Flip case of '69 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 “MY PUNK” and,
’54 VW Type I “MOONBUG” competing in the Drag Racing QUARTER MILERS (400m).

Which will be the Winner of this Drag Racing ......!
Wear this and get excited with the winner of this race!

Popular foldable iPhone case with 2 inner pockets to put your cards.
Magnetic closure so it is easy to open and close.
With starp hole.

By having the case it will protect your iPhone from scratches and damages.
Select your favorite MOONEYES design for your iPhone you use every day.

Designed by "Wildman" Ishii

【For iPhone 11 Pro】
Material: leather (fake leather)


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