Rat Fink iPhone 11 Pro Hard Case [RAF567-11P]

Rat Fink iPhone 11 Pro Hard Case [RAF567-11P]

Our Price: 2,400Yen(tax excl.)


*This case is for iPhone 11 Pro, and it is not iPhone 11.
Please check the size before you purchase.

Rat Fink iPhone 11 Pro Hard Case

Ring! Ring! Phone Call!
Rat Fink popped out from the case to tell you a phone call!
Rat Fink design is printed beautifully in full color and will get everyone's attention.
R.F logo all-over design and the flies surrounding the Rat Fink is another recommended point for this case.

Rat Fink is almost drooling to your hand ...!
Design that makes you fun, especially if you are a Rat Fink Fan.

By having the case it will protect your iPhone from scratches and damages.
Select your favorite MOONEYES to design for your iPhone you use every day.

【For iPhone 11 Pro】
Material : Polycarbonate


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