Rat Fink Embroidery Patches [RPF006]

Rat Fink Embroidery Patches [RPF006]

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Rat Fink Embroidery Patches

An unique design Rat Fink patches!!
It is quite a large size so, if you put it on your favorite belongings you can get more attention!
Vivid full-color and detailed embroidery, must-have for Rat Fink Fan.

Put it on your coverall, bags, caps and clothings and custom to your original Rat Fink Style!

Glue is on the backside so, you can easily put it on.

Design / Size:
HOT ROD / FAT BOBS(HF) 8cm x 8cm
BONE(BO) 8.5cm x 7cm
HOT RODS(HR) 7cm x 8.5cm
BEATNIK BANDIT(BB) 7cm x 8.5cm
RAT A TUDE(RT) 8cm x 7.3cm


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