MOON Dog Hoodie for Medium to Large [TMD019BK]

MOON Dog Hoodie for Medium to Large [TMD019BK]

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*Color/Size that cannot be selected is SOLD OUT.

MOON Dog Hoodie for Medium to Large

Cute and CQQL hoodie for your Doggy!
On the CQQL Black hoodie, Cute MOON yellow fluffy printing is used.
MOON DOG LIFE, MOON Eyeshape Logo and doggy’s favorite bone are on the front.
The doubled line is an accent and your doggy will get event more CQQL and Cute!

It is soft and light material so, perfect for aggressive doggy.

HAPPY DOG LIFE and your doggy will debut for MOONEYES!

We have prepared various sizes from small to large so,
you will find the perfect size for your doggy.

Color: BK Black
Size: XL、2XL、3XL
XL Size: Length 40cm Width 23cm Neck 19cm
2XL Size: Length 45cm Width 28cm Neck 22cm
3XL Size: Length 47cm Width 31cm Neck 23cm

Smaller size is HERE

Please note that, it is using US manufacturer so, depending on the arrival date, there might be a difference to the size.

To keep the quality of the prints, reverse the shirt before you wash it.


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