MOON Mask Case [MGC213]

MOON Mask Case [MGC213]

Our Price: 1,000Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Mask Case

Useful Mask Case that can be used in the scenes when you are not using your mask.
It is a perfect case to keep your mask when you are eating and when you have to re-use your mask.

If you have this you don't have to leave your mask on the desk open or put it in your bag and pocket.
You can close it with the snap button and see the MOONEYES design.

There is a handle so, you can carry it around.
It is PVC coated so, the liquid won't soak in and you can wipe it easily when it gets dirty.

We have prepared Cute MOONEYES Eyeball design and CQQL MOON Equipped design so, pick your favorite one!
You can get two of it and use it differently depending on indoor and outdoor too.

Be Safe and Keep Healthy with MQQN!

Design:YE MOONEYES, BK MOON Equipped
Size: (W)20.7cm (H)9.8cm without handle
Material: 100% Cotton、PVC Coated
※Mask in the image is not included.


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