MOON / MOON Equipped Mobile Holder [NM106]

MOON / MOON Equipped Mobile Holder [NM106]

Our Price: 1,500Yen(tax excluded)

MOON / MOON Equipped Mobile Holder

A mobile holder that can keep your smartphone and iPhone that you are using every day.
We have prepared MOON Eyeball and
MOON Equipped all-over pattern so, pick your favorite brand!

There is a carabiner on the holder and,
you can put it to your belt or you can use it with a neck strap.
MOONEYES Moblie holder will have MOONEYES printed on the carabiner.
MOON Equipped Mobile holder's carabiner is a simple type without a printing.
You can use your mobile while it is in the holder and,
you don't have to take it out to use it.
There is a snap button on the holder so,
it will prevent your mobile phone fall out.

Design: BK MOON Equipped、YE MOON
Size: About(W)11.3cm (H)18cm (without Carabiner)
Inside About(W)9.5cm (H)16cm


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