MOON Protective Webcam Cover [MG880YE]

MOON Protective Webcam Cover [MG880YE]

Our Price: 480Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Protective Webcam Cover

It can hide the Webcam of your Computers.
It can prevent hacking and other troubles and it will protect your privacy.

On the Yellow body, Black Eyeshape and "Caution" are printed.
After it is attached you can slide the cover and use the Webcam.
The adhesive is strong but, you can remove it.
Please note, it can be applied to most of the Desktop Computer,
Laptop but, it might not apply due to the material of the surface.
If you are using for the laptop, the lid of the laptop will be lifted by the thickness of the product.

Material: Plastic
Size: (W)38.1mm x (H)15.9mm
(1 1/2"W x 5/8"H)


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