Rat Fink Mirror Sign [RAF562]

Rat Fink Mirror Sign [RAF562]

Our Price: 3,800Yen(tax excl.)

Rat Fink Mirror Sign

If you are bored with the ordinary signboards, get this Rat Fink Mirror Sign!
It is a mirror coated sign so, you can use it as a mirror and display for your interior.
it is not a real mirror and uses acrylic material so, you don’t have to be careful as a real mirror.

We have prepared an exciting 3 designs!
The standard Standing Rat Fink largely printed one, a design that Rat Fink is enjoying painting and etc.
Please get your favorite one!

There is a hole in each corner and also 3M velcro for mounting possibilities.

It is a large size so, you can use it anywhere such as in your room, garage, washroom and entrance of your house.
It is a useful and stylish item!

Material: Acrylic
Size::(H)48cm x (W) 40cm (D)3mm
Design: RF Rat Fink, ST Standing, PT Painting

Please note, due to the material of the product, there might be small damages and scratches.


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