MOON Contactless Door Opener [MG881]

MOON Contactless Door Opener [MG881]

Our Price: 1,200Yen(tax excl.)

MOON Contactless Door Opener

Compact size MOON Contactless Door Opener.
If you have this you don’t have to directly touch the door handle.

You just hook it and pull it and the door will easily open without any direct contact.
Not only as a Door Opener, but it can also be used
when you are pressing a button of the elevator, vending machine, and etc.

A Must-Have item if you are living or working where there are many shared spaces.

GENUINE MOON and Eyeshape logo are printed and the smart shape looks like a CQQL key ring.
There is a hole so you can use it as a key ring and, put it on your bag or belt.

Be Safe and Stay Healthy with MQQN!

Color : SL Silver, GO Gold
Size : About (H)8cm x(W)3.5cm


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