MOON Equipped Cotton Long Mat [MQG176BK]

MOON Equipped Cotton Long Mat [MQG176BK]

Our Price: 2,800Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Equipped Cotton Long Mat

Cotton Long Mat of illustration with Genuine Products of the MOON Equipment HOT ROD KUSTOM SUPPLY in the good old days. All-over pattern of MOON Equipment Company Speed Shop’s traditional product such as MOON Discs, Foot Pedal, MOON gauges, and MOON Tank. Creates a unification with the Black X Red X Ivory MOON Equipped color.

Stylish cotton mat with fringes and perfect on your sofa, as a kitchen mat, entrance mat and etc. Feel the GOOD OL’ USA with this item.

Material: Cotton 100%
Size: (W)122cm (H)52cm (excl. Fringes)

Made in India
In the beginning, this item may have a peculiar smell due to the materials and dyes. If you are concerned about the smell, we recommend drying the item under the sun. Please be assured that the smell will lessen as the day goes by.


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