Vintage Air Face Shield [VA001]

Vintage Air Face Shield [VA001]

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Vintage Air Face Shield

The face shield is released from Vintage Air which is the company known with air conditioning systems for muscle cars, hot rods, and street rods.

It is lightweight and durable with high-visibility and you can guard your face without wearing a mask. The face shield is breathable than the mask and you do not have to hide your face if you have this. It can be used as your daily use and also for people working.

The face shield holder is made from ABS plastic and there is Vintage Air embossed. If you are the Hot Rodder wear this and show your Hot Rod Soul.

Material : ABS Plastic for frame
Size:About(H)20.5cm (W)19cm
Shield part about (H)17cm (W)30cm
Weight: 220g

Made in the USA


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