MOON Equipped 2 Way Tarp Tote [MGS093SL]

MOON Equipped 2 Way Tarp Tote [MGS093SL]

Our Price: 2,900Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Equipped 2 Way Tarp Tote

Tarp material tote bag that is strong in the rain and easy cleaning. As the looks, it can contain many things and A4 size can easily stored vertically. The bottom is wide that A5 size can store flat. Perfect for outdoor and you can put in 2L pet bottle, and lunch box without tilting it. You can use it daily to put in your digital devices, books, or change when you are going for training.

The strap that you can out to your shoulder and it will be stable when you carry it. As the name suggests, it is a 2 WAY bag. There is also a pocket perfect to put in a folding umbrella.

On the silver color bag, MOON Equipped patch is accented and it can also match with men who, usually don’t carry bags often. Enjoy going out with the bag useful in Sunny Day and also Rainy Day.

Size: (W) 42cm (H) 20cm (D) 15cm
Handle 25cm
Material: Polyethylene


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