Rat Fink Plush Tissue Case [RAF569GR]

Rat Fink Plush Tissue Case [RAF569GR]

Our Price: 4,800Yen(tax excluded)

Rat Fink Plush Doll Tissue Case

The bloodshot eyes, long sharp nose, jagged teeth loooong tail, and the big ears all of there parts featuring the Rat Fink is in this item! The fluffy touch of the Rat Fink will make you addicted and pet him forever.

You can lean it against something, or make him sit on the sofa. There is a buckle on his hand so, you can hang him on your car’s headrest, or hang it on your room’s wall and display him where you like. Perfect to give an accent for your interior! You just put in the tissue box from the bottom.

If you let him sit in the passenger seat of the HOT ROD, he will be happy to CRUISIN’ with you! Cute and useful Rat Fink will make your life more exciting!

Soze: Length 100cm(Including the tail)
Sitting down (H)40cm (W)22cm (D)27cm
※Tissue box is not included.

(Tissue Box Size: (W)22.5cm (H)4.4cm (D)10.8cm))
※Depending on the Tissue Box, it cannot be used to this item.


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