MOON Message Plate Keep Distance [MG894KD]

MOON Message Plate Keep Distance [MG894KD]

Our Price: 1,200Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Message Plate Keep Distance

Message from MOONEYES for New Normal!
With the visible coloring of Black x Yellow, it is a message plate with the message of BE SAFE STAY HEALTHY KEEP DISTANCE. It is a rare design with the MOON Eyeshape logo taking a distance.

You can use it in the crowded space, at your shop and, room to tell people to KEEP Distance. It is a light plastic plate and strong to water so, you can use it regardless of fo outside and inside.

Please use it to Be Safe then now for your FAMILY and FRIENDS!

Size:About(W)29.7cm × (H)21.0cm
Material: Plastic
※There is a hole on the corner for hanging.

This item is made by FULL ORDER MESSAGE PLATE .
You can put any text you like and, freely make the original message plate like this item.
We can make your original message plate from one!
If you have some interest check from HERE.


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