MOON Tie-Dye Pullover Hoodie [SM801]

MOON Tie-Dye Pullover Hoodie [SM801]

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Color / Size:
MOON Tie-Dye Pullover Hoodie

Never-Before-Seen hoodie with a high impact Tie-Dye without any printing. The MOONEYES feature of this hoodie is the ribbon and tag on the pocket and back hem! This hoodie makes full use of the Tie-dye body with an impact. The wide ribbon has the MOONEYES logo with “00” eyeshape which will be a CQQL accent. It is an over-sized hoodie with a relaxing fit and, a pile lining that can be worn for all seasons! Enjoy the Street x Casual style.

※Please note that, each of the tie-dye pattern is random so, it will not be same as the image.

Color: BK Black, BL Blue
Material: 100% Cotton

Size(JP): M、L、XL
M Size:Length 70cm Width 54cm Shoulder 51cm Sleeve 60cm
L Size:Length 72cm Width 57cm Shoulder 54cm Sleeve 63cm
XL Size:Length 76cm Width 59cm Shoulder 58cm Sleeve 64cm
M Model 175cm Size L
F Model 162cm Size M

*Please note that, measuring is done by hand and there might be some difference to actual measurements.


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