Rat Fink Umbrella Stand [RAF572GR]

Rat Fink Umbrella Stand [RAF572GR]

Our Price: 9,800Yen(tax excl.)

Rat Fink Umbrella Stand

Umbrella stand full of originality, with Rat Fink standing on a tire holding a yellow umbrella. The uncompromising quality which the tire Rat Fink standing has Speed Master Wheel equipped. The colorful and animated Rat Fink will make a rainy day feel like a bright and sunny day.

Although the size is not too large, it has a strong presence and it will be a CQQL item if you put it at your garage and entrance. It is an umbrella stand that holds the tip of the umbrella so, if you have a stylish umbrella it will definitely make it look more stylish. There are 3 holes to hold the umbrella and the hole will go through to the bottom so, it prevents water from pooling inside. It is made from resin so, it is stable and difficult to fall over, and it is an item that combines LQQKS and practicality.

Size: Height About 31cm、Tire Dia. About 17cm
Deepness of the hole About 6cm, Dia. 2.5cm
Umbrella Hole: 3


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