MOON Mask Keeper [MG907YE]

MOON Mask Keeper [MG907YE]

Our Price: 1,000Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Mask Keeper

The essential item for the New Normal is a mask, and if you have this you can secure your mask conveniently around your neck. The MOONEYES wordmark logo is printed on the strap and your simple mask can easily turn to MOONEYES Style!

The two bulldog clips will hold your mask and if you use this mask keeper regularly you don’t have to worry about the mask falling from your face. Of course, you can also hang it in your room when you are at home.

It is a clip type so, you can also use it for other thing and use it as a neck strap (lanyard). How you use it is up to you!

※Mask is not included.

Color: YE Yellow
Size: W 1.27cm L 40.6cm


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