Rat Fink X MOONEYES Area-1 T-shirt [TM810WH]

Rat Fink X MOONEYES Area-1 T-shirt [TM810WH]

Our Price: 4,800Yen - 5,400Yen(tax excluded)

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Rat Fink X MOONEYES Area-1 T-shirt
S〜XL 4,800yen(tax excl.)、XXL 5,400yen(tax excl.)

Welcome MOONEYES Area-1!
Rat Fink will guide you through MOONEYES Area-1 located at Honmoku Yokohama!! Oat the back of Rat Fink there is MOONEYES staff’s car which some people might see before. It is a playful design like a toy package that everyone will enjoy wearing.

It is catchy on the front butt, on the back, there are full of elements of Rat Fink x MOONEYES collaboration such as Rat Fink face and the MOON Eyeshape logo.

Wear this and come and visit MOONEYES Area-1!

Color: WH White
Material :100% Cotton

Size(JP): S、M、L、XL、XXL
S size:Length 63cm Width 47cm Sleeve 18cm Shoulder 42cm
M size:Length 68cm Width 52cm Sleeve 22cm Shoulder 46cm
L size:Length 72cm Width 55cm Sleeve 22cm Shoulder 50cm
XL size:Length 75cm Width 60cm Sleeve 23cm Shoulder 55cm
XXL size:Length 80cm Width 65cm Sleeve 25cm Shoulder 59cm
Model 175cm Size M

To keep the quality of the prints, reverse it before you wash it.
Rat Fink x MOON 2021


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