Rat Fink X MOON Paint T-shirt [TM811BK]

Rat Fink X MOON Paint T-shirt [TM811BK]

Our Price: 4,800Yen - 5,400Yen(tax excluded)

Prices vary according to options.

Rat Fink X MOON Paint T-shirt
S〜XL 4,800yen(tax excl.)、XXL 5,400yen(tax excl.)

From the back, Rat Fink working looks somewhat adorable. And this unique design is printed on this t-shirt. The sign painter Rat Fink is finishing the MOON logo. If you look closely he is using his long tail as a brush. The design is thought through and you can feel the one scene of Rat Fink.

On the back, there is Rat Fink face and MOON Eyeshape logo which features the Rat Fink x MOONEYES collaboration elements.

Color: BK Black
Material :100% Cotton

Size(JP): S、M、L、XL、XXL
S size:Length 63cm Width 47cm Sleeve 18cm Shoulder 42cm
M size:Length 68cm Width 52cm Sleeve 22cm Shoulder 46cm
L size:Length 72cm Width 55cm Sleeve 22cm Shoulder 50cm
XL size:Length 75cm Width 60cm Sleeve 23cm Shoulder 55cm
XXL size:Length 80cm Width 65cm Sleeve 25cm Shoulder 59cm

To keep the quality of the prints, reverse it before you wash it.
Rat Fink x MOON 2021


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