MOON Equipped Canvas Apron [MQF067DE]

MOON Equipped Canvas Apron [MQF067DE]

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MOON Equipped Canvas Apron

Useful apron with MOON Equipped logo largely printed on the front. Around the bottom of the apron, it is accented with the MOON Equipped tag. Firmly made canvas material is used with, matt silver eyelet and rivet, which makes it authentic.

Not only cooking but it is perfect for gardening. Of course, it will be useful for customizing and pinstriping in the garage. Usually, when you are working and squat down, the apron gets tight but, this apron's hem is split in the center so, it is easier to move. There is also a wide pocket and, thin pocket to put a pen.

In addition, it is a loop-type apron so, you just put your head through the apron tape and tie it at your waist and it is easy to wear. You can also adjust the apron tape around your neck.

As you use it it will fit you and if you are looking for a workwear this is perfect on for you.

Color:DE Denim
Material:NT/ CA 100% Cotton Canvas
DE 90% Cotton, 10% Rayon
Size:Length 92cm Width 70cm
Apron Tape: 110cm(Waist) 75cm(Neck)
Loop Type
F Model 158cm
M Model 167cm


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