Rat Fink Face Air Freshener [RAF579]

Rat Fink Face Air Freshener [RAF579]

Our Price: 450Yen(tax excluded)

Rat Fink Face Air Freshener

A die-cut air freshener of Rat Fink’s Face. The impactful Rat Fink Face is about to pop out! The vivid color will LQQK nice in your car and as an interior. The fragrance is different by the color of the hat and Blue Hat is refreshing Breeze and Purple is cool Mid-night Ice.

If you put this air freshener on your rearview mirror, your daily drive will get more enjoyable with Rat Fink.

※Design on both side
Paper Type
Color/Fragrance: BL Blue/Breeze, PU Purple/Midnight Ice
Size: (H) 10.2 cm x (W) 8cm


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