【2021 Limited Edition】Greaser HELMETS “Rat Fink 2021” Helmet [RAF580WH]

【2021 Limited Edition】Greaser HELMETS “Rat Fink 2021” Helmet [RAF580WH]

Our Price: 40,000Yen(tax excluded)

Greaser HELMETS “Rat Fink 2021”

Rat Fink 2021 Limited Edition Model is released from Greaser HELMETS!!

On both sides of the Helmet, Dynamic Rat Fink is illustrated by Wildman just for this helmet. The Special White x Sax Blue Helmet that turns into Wildman Ishii's Canvas.

Inside the ear padding, there is a numbering sticker because it is the Limited Edition. The helmet is with a Special Box and there is different Pinstripe designed and, the box is also a Special item!

Inside the box, there is a manual and the cover of the manual Rat Fink is newly drawn by Wildman! Before you use the Helmet, read the manual carefully and have a Safe ride with Rat Fink.

Color: WH White
Size:S (55〜56cm)、 M (57〜58cm)、 L (59~60cm)

※ SG safety goods mark.


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