MOONEYES Pinstripe Masking Tape 5m [MG910]

MOONEYES Pinstripe Masking Tape 5m [MG910]

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MOONEYES Pinstripe Masking Tape

A stylish masking tape of MOONEYES & Wildman Ishii’s Pinstripe. Masking tape is also popular as “Washi Tape” or “Decorative Tape”. It is the perfect tape to decorate your daily items, letter, album and etc. It can also be used for gift wrapping too.

This masking tape features 3 designs of Widman’s MOONEYES lettering, pinstripe, and MOON Eyeshape logo. You can use all the designs or just choose your favorite design. How to use it is up to you!

You should atleast get one of them, which is easy to use and fun to use!

Paper Type
Color : WH White (Blue x Navy Pinstripe)
YE Yellow (Blue x Orange Pinstripe)
Size : Width 1.5cm × Length 5M


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