Dave Shuten Poster [IGPO016]

Dave Shuten Poster [IGPO016]

Our Price: 1,500Yen(tax excluded)

Dave Shuten Poster

A CQQL Poster featuring fascinating custom cars built by Dave Shuten of Galpin Auto Sports is now available in limited quantities! Some of the cars in the poster have come to Japan for the YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW organized by MOONEYES, so you may have seen some of them before! It is an item that you will want to add to your collection with your memories of the day of the event.


Size: (H) 61cm x (W) 43cm
This item is also sold at MOONEYES Area-1.
Therefore, please note that depending on the time you ordered,it might get sold out.

This product is for sale while stock lasts.


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