Kids MOON Cafe Cream Soda Trim T-shirt [TMC814WB]

Kids MOON Cafe Cream Soda Trim T-shirt [TMC814WB]

Our Price: 3,200Yen(tax excluded)

Kids MOON Cafe Cream Soda Trim T-shirt

A cute design t-shirt for kids, featuring the MOON Cafe’s popular classical Cream Soda.

The fizzy melon soda, sweet vanilla ice cream, and the MOON Cafe napkin are all illustrated in this POP design. If you look close in the ice cream you can find the eyeshape logo. The MOON Cafe logo is accented on the left sleeve.

The trim on the neck will be give a sporty image.We also have adult size so, you can match it with your family.

Color: WB White/Black
Material: 100% Cotton

Size(JP): S(140cm)、M(150cm)
S size:Length 56cm Width 40cm Shoulder 35cm Sleeve 16cm
M size:Length 60cm Width 43cm Shoulder 38cm Sleeve 17cm
F Model 135cm Size M(150cm)
M Model 115cm Size S(140cm)

To keep the quality of the prints, reverse the shirt before you wash it.


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