MOONEYES Upside Down Hoodie [SM817]

MOONEYES Upside Down Hoodie [SM817]

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Color / Size:
MOONEYES Upside Down Hoodie

A Logo Hoodie featuring stylish MOONEYES Upside Down logo. For the Green Hoodie, the Yellow color is accented and for Black, it is accented with Red color and a rare Red MOON Eyeball!

It is a simple logo-only Hoodie but, it will be a stylish one with the good taste Upside down logo. Add MOONEYES to your daily outfit.

Color: BK Black, GR Green
Material: 50% Cotton, 50% Poly (Inner raised)

M Model 175cm Size L
F Model 158cm Size M

S Size: Length 66cm Width 51cm Shoulder 52cm Sleeve 58cm
M Size: Length 68cm Width 54cm Shoulder 56cm Sleeve 58cm
L Size: Length 69cm Width 59cm Shoulder 61cm Sleeve 59cm
XL Size: Length 72cm Width 66cm Shoulder 66cm Sleeve 59cm

S Size: Length 26in Width 21in Shoulder 20in Sleeve 22.8in
M Size: Length 26.8in Width 21in Shoulder 22in Sleeve 22.8in
L Size: Length 27in Width 23in Shoulder 24in Sleeve 23in
XL Size: Length 28in Width 26in Shoulder 26in Sleeve 23in

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*Please note that, it is using a US manufacturer so, depending on the arrival date, there might be a difference to the size.
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