MOON Equipped Yellow Roadster Sweatshirt [MQS162SG]

MOON Equipped Yellow Roadster Sweatshirt [MQS162SG]

Our Price: 5,200Yen - 6,200Yen(tax excluded)

Prices vary according to options.

MOON Equipped Yellow Roadster Sweatshirt
S〜XL Size 5,720Yen(excl. tax)、XXL Size 6,820Yen(excl. tax)

A Sweatshirt featuring MOON Automotive’s Yellow Roadster with MOON Eyeshape on the door. The front printing is a mono-tone Roadster that makes it look simple. The design is recreated from the traditional design that was used in the early period of Hot Rod and 1950 when the company established some it is Old but New!

The YellowRoadster will be the accent on the back style of the Steel Gray sweatshirt. Inner is raised, so it is a standard item to enjoy wearing it in your room and when you are going out.

Color: SG Steel Gray
Material: 50% Cotton, 50% Poly

Model 167cm Size L

S Size: Length 66cm Width 48cm Shoulder 48cm Sleeve 59cm
M Size: Length 68cm Width 56cm Shoulder 54cm Sleeve 59cm
L Size: Length 72cm Width 61cm Shoulder 60cm Sleeve 59cm
XL Size: Length 73cm Width 65cm Shoulder 63cm Sleeve 59cm
XXL Size: Length 77cm Width 70cm Shoulder 69cm Sleeve 60cm

S Size: Length 26in Width 18.9in Shoulder 18.9in Sleeve 23.2in
M Size: Length 26.8in Width 22in Shoulder 21.3in Sleeve 23.2in
L Size: Length 28.3in Width 24in Shoulder 23.6in Sleeve 23.2in
XL Size: Length 28.7in Width 25.6in Shoulder 24.8in Sleeve 23.2in
XXL Size: Length 30.3in Width 27.6in Shoulder 27.2in Sleeve 23.6in

*The shown Size is the actual Size of the item, All the items are measured manually so please note that it might have a difference in the Size.
*Please note that, it is using a US manufacturer so, depending on the arrival date, there might be a difference to the size.
To keep the quality of the prints, reverse it before you wash it.


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