Raised PORKCHOP Logo License Plate Frame [KGPC058]

Raised PORKCHOP Logo License Plate Frame [KGPC058]

Our Price: 4,000Yen(tax excluded)

Raised PORKCHOP Logo License Plate Frame

The raised logo lincense plate frame features the PORKCHOP design.
On the TOP "BUILT STURDIER TO LAST LONGER" is designed, and on the BOTTOM "PorkChop Garage Supply" the iconic PORK comes on both sides. The black frame will stand out the normal license plate.

License frame is very popular in USA that, it is more minor to not have it.
Perfect dress up item for your car's simple Japanese size license plate.
Because the design is 3D it got more stylish!

Material: Plastic

Size: 18.6cm x 33.7cm
Size: 7.3in x 13.3in
This item is for Japanese License Plate.

【APPROVED for Japanese Car Inspection 2021 Oct.】
For more detail: https://www.mlit.go.jp/jidosha/jidosha_tk6_000020.html
Came into existence from garage. This project was created from the conversation between Yoneuchi from Valley Auto and Sugihara from Fusty Works. It is not apparel. It is everything from our lifestyle concept of garage usages. We named it a PORKCHOP because the hog farm was shut down by our neighbors and we love chop culture. We send our favorite American culture through our garage supply as the PORKCHOP.PORKCHOP.


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