MOON Checker iPhone 13 Flip Case [MG943-13]

MOON Checker iPhone 13 Flip Case [MG943-13]

Our Price: 3,900Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Checker iPhone 13 Flip Case

A foldable iPhone flip case featuring the MOONEYES eyeshape logo and checkered pattern on the bright MOONEYES yellow color.

Popular foldable iPhone case with 2 inner pockets to put your cards. Magnetic closure so it is easy to open and close. With strap hole. By having the case it will protect your iPhone from scratches and damages.

Select your favorite MOONEYES design for your iPhone you use every day.

【For iPhone 13】
Material: Fake leather

※The sample image is using the iPhone 13 Pro Sierra Blue.
This iPhone 13 Pro has a camera cover(made by another company) attached and this item does not include a camera cover.


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