【30%OFF】MOON Custom Cycle Shop Long Sleeve T-shirt [MQTL173]

【30%OFF】MOON Custom Cycle Shop Long Sleeve T-shirt [MQTL173]

Our Price: 5,040Yen - 5,600Yen(tax excluded)

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Regular Price: 7,200Yen - 8,000Yen


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MOON Custom Cycle Shop Long Sleeve T-shirt
M〜XL 7,200yen(excl. tax)、XXL 8,000yen(excl. tax)

MOON Custom Cycle Shop(MCCS) brand long sleeve T-shirt accented with the contrast of the sleeve.

If you wear a larger size than your regular size, you can wear a protector under it, which is perfect when your ride your motorcycle.

Material: 100% Cotton
Color: BW Black (White Sleeve)、WB White(Black Sleeve)

Size(JP): M、L、XL、XXL
WB Model 167 Size L
BW Model 175 Size XL

M Size:Length 77 Width 53 Shoulder 52 Sleeve 60
L Size:Length 78 Width 58 Shoulder 55 Sleeve 62
XL Size:Length 80 Width 62 Shoulder 60 Sleeve 63
XXL Size:Length 82 Width 66 Shoulder 64 Sleeve 64

M Size:Length 30.3 Width 20.9 Shoulder 20.5 Sleeve 23.6
L Size:Length 30.7 Width 22.8 Shoulder 21.7 Sleeve 24.4
XL Size:Length 31.5 Width 24.4 Shoulder 23.6 Sleeve 24.8
XXL Size:Length 32.3 Width 26 Shoulder 25.2 Sleeve 25.2

*The shown Size is the actual Size of the item, All the items are measured manually so please note that it might have a difference the Size.
To keep the quality of the prints, reverse it before you wash it.


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