MOON Honmoku Canvas Tote [FM213]

MOON Honmoku Canvas Tote [FM213]

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MOON Honmoku Canvas Tote

A perfect small-size tote bag to put your belongings while you are going for a walk.

本牧 = Honmoku, where MOONEYES located is printed with MOON eyeshape design. The gothic hand-written style makes the design unique.

You can put in your smartphone and wallet or, you can use it as a lunch bag or bag when you are walking your dog. Depending on how you use it, it can be used in many scenes.

If you are going out to Honmoku Street, this is the must-have.

Material: 100% Cotton
Color: BY Black/Yellow, NN Natural/Navy

Size: (H)20cm/7.87in (W)29cm/11.4in (D)9.5cm/3.74in
Handle 30cm/11.8in


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