MOONEYES Tiger Long Sleeve T-shirt [TML840]

MOONEYES Tiger Long Sleeve T-shirt [TML840]

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MOONEYES Tiger Long Sleeve T-shirt

The loose-fitting, big silhouette long sleeve t-shirt with eye-catching MOON Tiger embroidery patch.

The MOON Tiger is designed charmingly by Wildman and if you look at its back there is MOON hidden in the pattern. The back style of the t-shirt has MOONEYES printed on the bottom and you can appeal to MOONEYES!

It has a dry texture and uses sturdy fabric. The ribbed sleeve will make it look clean although it is a big silhouette.

Material: 100% Cotton(9.1oz.)
Color: BK Black, BL Blue
Size(JP) : M、L
M Model 173 Size L
F Model 158 Size L

M size: Length 72 Width 57 Shoulder 54 Sleeve 60
L size: Length 77 Width 60 Shoulder 57 Sleeve 61

M size: Length 28.3 Width 22.4 Shoulder 21.3 Sleeve 23.6
L size: Length 30.3 Width 23.6 Shoulder 22.4 Sleeve 24

To keep the quality of the prints, reverse it before you wash it.
Depending on the product, there might be some differences in the sizing listed.


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