MOON Equipment Co. Speed Shop Reversible Vest [MQW056]

MOON Equipment Co. Speed Shop Reversible Vest [MQW056]

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MOON Equipment Co. Speed Shop Reversible Vest

You can enjoy the Simple and Traditional MOONEYES LQQKS with this stylish vest.

One side is simple with one color, adorned with the embroidered MOON Equipment Co. Speed Shop logo on the chest and back.

If you reverse it, it will change to the traditional MOONEYES Equipped eyeshape allover pattern. On this side there is a chest pocket.

You can wear it outdoors, touring with your motorcycle, or driving with your motorcycle. This stylish and functional item will definitely be useful in many scenes.

Color: BK Black, BR Brown
Size(JP): S、M、L、XL、XXL
Material: Front Cotton 100% Inside Polyester 100%
F Model 162cm Size M
M Model 174cm Size L

S size: Length(Front) 64.5 Length(Back) 71 Width 51 Shoulder 39
M size: Length(Front) 65 Length(Back) 72 Width 54 Shoulder 40
L size: Length(Front) 68.5 Length(Back) 75 Width 58 Shoulder 41
XL size: Length(Front) 70 Length(Back) 76 Width 62 Shoulder 44
XXL size: Length(Front) 73.5 Length(Back) 78 Width 67 Shoulder 46

S size: Length(Front) 25.4 Length(Back) 28.0 Width 20.1 Shoulder 15.4
M size: Length(Front) 25.6 Length(Back) 28.3 Width 21.3 Shoulder 15.7
L size: Length(Front) 27.0 Length(Back) 29.5 Width 22.8 Shoulder 16.1
XL size: Length(Front) 27.6 Length(Back) 29.9 Width 24.4 Shoulder 17.3
XXL size: Length(Front) 28.9 Length(Back) 30.7 Width 26.4 Shoulder 18.1

*The shown Size is the actual Size of the item, All the items are measured manually so please note that it might have a difference the Size.
Depending on the product, there might be some differences in the sizing listed.


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