【Delivered End of Jan. ~ Mid Feb.】Fireman's Quickie T-shirt [MQT183BK]

【Delivered End of Jan. ~ Mid Feb.】Fireman's Quickie T-shirt [MQT183BK]

Our Price: 3,600Yen - 6,000Yen(tax excluded)

Prices vary according to options.

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【Made to Order/Order Deadline December 18th, 2023】

This item will be scheduled to be delivered around the end of January ~ Mid February.
Depending on the amount of orders, the delivery might change.

Fireman’s Quickie T-shirt
S~XL 3,600yen(excl. tax)、XXL 4,400yen(excl. tax)、XXXL 5,200yen(excl. tax)、XXXXL 6,000yen(excl. tax)

Everyone loves a quickie

The Fireman's Quickie tribute Funny Car is now released as a T-shirt. This Fireman's Quickie is some of his most famous and loved cars back in the 1980s.

Printed in USA

S size:Length 70 Chest 90 Sleeve 16 Shoulder 45
M size:Length 73 Chest 100 Sleeve 18 Shoulder 50
L size:Length 74 Chest 112 Sleeve 19 Shoulder 57
XL size:Length 79 Chest 120 Sleeve 20 Shoulder 61
2XL size:Length 80 Chest 132 Sleeve 22 Shoulder 65
3XL size:Length 82 Chest 140 Sleeve 22 Shoulder 70
4XL size:Length 86 Chest 152 Sleeve 23 Shoulder 73

S size: Length 27.6 Chest 35.4 Sleeve 6.3 Shoulder 17.7
M size: Length 28.7 Chest 39.4 Sleeve 7.1 Shoulder 19.7
L size: Length 29.1 Chest 44.1 Sleeve 7.5 Shoulder 22.4
XL size: Length 31.1 Chest 47.2 Sleeve 7.9 Shoulder 24.0
2XL size: Length 31.5 Chest 52.0 Sleeve 8.7 Shoulder 25.6
3XL size: Length 32.3 Chest 55.1 Sleeve 8.7 Shoulder 27.6
4XL size: Length 33.9 Chest 59.8 Sleeve 9.1 Shoulder 28.7

***Attention*** *The shown Size is the actual Size of the item, All the items are measured manually so please note that it might have a difference the Size.
*Please note that, it is using a US manufacturer so, depending on the arrival date, there might be a difference to the size.
To keep the quality of the prints, reverse it before you wash it.


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