NISSAN Original Serape Dashboard Cover (Dashmat) [DKNS-SA]

NISSAN Original Serape Dashboard Cover (Dashmat) [DKNS-SA]

Our Price: 15,000Yen(tax excl.)

Year Make Model:
This dashmat will take appoximately a month to arrive.

MOONEYES Original SERAPE DASHMAT now available!!

The image is a sample. It may be different to the actual product.
The color of the Serape will be different depending on the arrival period.
We will send the coloring sample after the order.
If there are no problems with the colors, we will order to USA.

※Please note that, we will not take any refunds, returns, exchange for any reasons.

Custom formed and fitted dash mat, aka dashboard cover.
Keeps the dashboard out of the harsh sun while adding a comfortable look.
To put it on your dashboard, use the alcohol pad to clean the surface and then use the velcro tape to put it on.
※After the order, please note that this product is custom-made from USA and takes a month to arrive.

Depending on the dashmat, the applicable car may differs.
Contact us for more information about the applicable car and the product.
*If there are some customized parts attached, you may have to put a hole by yourself

※Please note, when you select the option, due to the system of the Online Shop, there is a selection of options for all models and also models that do not apply to the sensor hole.

If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us from below.
TEL:045-623-5999 (9:00?18:00 Japan time)

Additional Images

  • *Image is a sample for TOYOTA Hi-Ace


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