Speed Master Wheel 5-ear Center Cap(Push-In) [SMWCAP2]

Speed Master Wheel 5-ear Center Cap(Push-In) [SMWCAP2]

Our Price: 1,800Yen(tax excluded)

Speed Master Wheel for 5-ear Center Cap

MOONEYES Original Speed Master Wheel Center Cap In the first sight, it looks like 5 ears style and type to push into center hub hole.
Usually, 5 ear cap is screwed but, this item you can just easily push-in,
but looks like it is screwed.
It won’t stick out because the height got shorter.

By installing it, it gives a GOOD OLD USA style on your wheel.
Perfect for changing image of FWD.

Applicable for Speed Master Wheel that is push-in type.

*Price is for one.
Speed Master Wheel is sold separately.

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