5 Pannel Full View Mirror [WK1515]

5 Pannel Full View Mirror [WK1515]

Our Price: 5,000Yen(tax excl.)


*Color/Size that cannot be selected is SOLD OUT.

Neon Color 5 Panel Full View Mirror

Neon Color 5 pannel full view mirror that is made in early 90's which is already out of production.
The origin is the mirror installed to a Race Car and then,
in 90's it got popular from it's safety and style.
Product that is getting popular again.
You might feel some nostalgy with this neon coloe model or
you might just feel it refreshing!
If you feel something with it, pick it with your intuition!

NOS parts that has past 25years after it is produced so,
there are some distortion on the frame.
Please note that, this item is out of production and
No Refunds, No Return, No exchange, the sale is final, AS IS.

*Mounting stay and screw included
It is custom parts, so you have to DIY by yourself for your car.

Size: (W)873mm x (H)67mm x (D)45mm
Color: P Pink, Y Yellow

Universal custom parts that are not for particular models might not be applied to all models.
Therefore, for mounting please request to a specialty shop.
Please note that we cannot accept any claims if you cause damages by mounting the parts by yourself or if another problem occurs. (including some cause that will lead to early failure)


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