Betty Boop Timeless Inkz Decal [DA8512]

Betty Boop Timeless Inkz Decal [DA8512]

Our Price: 800Yen(tax excluded)

Betty Boop Timeless Inkz Decal from CHROMA (PlastiColor)
This cool sticker sheet features Betty Boop in a timeless pose blowing kisses. The sticker is oval with a flat, horizontal, base and features the name Betty Boop at the bottom. It also features four (4) small stickers of kiss marks and a small single sticker of a scripted Betty Boop name. Black base, vinyl decal printed with solids and glitter, metal flake like, ink.

★ Made in USA ★

Sheet size: (H) 20.4 cm x (W) 15.2 cm
Sticker sizes:
Main oval sticker (x1): about (H) 14.8cm x (W) 10.7cm
Kiss mark stickers (x4): about (H) 2.8cm x (W) 2.8cm
Betty name (x1): about (H) 1.5cm x (W) 4.5cm

Price is for a single sheet.


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