MOON Equipped Duck Vest [MQW025BK]

MOON Equipped Duck Vest [MQW025BK]

Our Price: 16,800Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Equipped Duck Vest

Duck vest MOON Equipped logo applied as a gold embroidery.
On the front MQQN Equipped patch is on as a stitched ornament.

It is double zipper so, it is not tight like when you go on your motorcycle.
Duck material that gets better and better as you wear it.
There is a pocket on both sides and, on the left pocket there is another small pocket with flap.

Standard black that can match with hoodie and shirts,
it will be the item that can totalize your outfit.

Color:BK Black
Size: M、L、XL
Material: Duck (Outer / Cotton 100%, Lining / Polyester 100% )

M: Overall Length 67cm x Width 50cm x Shoulder Width 37cm
L: Overall Length 69cm x Width 54cm x Shoulder Width 39cm
XL: Overall Length 71cm x Width 56cm x Shoulder Width 41cm
*Front length is 3cm 〜 4cm shorter than the back.

M Model 175cm Size: M

*Please note that, measuring is done by hand and there might be some difference to actual measurements.


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