California Finger Grip Steering Wheel 38cm (15") [GS210FG]

California Finger Grip Steering Wheel 38cm (15") [GS210FG]

Our Price: 12,000Yen(tax excl.)


*Color/Size that cannot be selected is SOLD OUT.

MOONEYES ORIGINAL California "Finger Grip" Steering Wheel

MOONEYES Original Steering Wheel Series's "FINGER GRIP" type.
Traditional color of Black and White steering wheel.
By the "FINGER GRIP" it is easier to control and looks more like Old School!
of course double slotted spoke is nicely chrome finished to the backside.
It will definitely get attention from the front window.

*Vinyl Grip
*Include horn button

Color : BK Black, WH White
Size: (15.0") approx 38.0
Deepness of the corn: (3.5") approx 9cm

*There is also same design California Metal Flake Finger Grip Steering Wheel.

For mounting you will need a Boss adapter.
If there are any concerns, please contact us.


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