MOON Stone Car Coaster (Set of 2) [MG795]

MOON Stone Car Coaster (Set of 2) [MG795]

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MOON Stone Car Coaster (Set of 2)

Coaster that can absorb water drop from the drink.
Eyeball is printed stone coaster that is excellent for absorbing water and quick drying.
Size that can fit the drink holder of your car and
there is hole to put your finger to easily take out!

It doesn't also stick to the cup when you lift the cup.
You can release from the stress that water drop building up in the cup holder and enjoy driving!

Of course it can be used in your house!

Material: Stone
Size: Diameter: about 6.5 cm (D) 0.5 cm

*It is fragile material so, handle with care.
*Do not keep it in the water.
*For drying, you have to dry naturally or sun drying.
*Do not use fire, microwave, dish dryer.
★ From USA ★


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