Surfin Craze Folding Umbrella [MG798NB]

Surfin Craze Folding Umbrella [MG798NB]

Our Price: 3,800Yen(tax excl.)

Surfin Craze Folding Umbrella

Folding Umbrella with CQQL MOONEYES SURF CRAZE Logo on as an accent!
It will OPEN just by pushing the button on the handle.
If your hand is full with other things, you can easily open it.
There is strap on the handle so, you can also put it through your hand.
Combination of Navy and Khaki and it can be use regardless to age and gender.

★From USA★

Material: 100% nylon

Number of umbrella rib: 8
Folding size: Length 39 cm
Diameter: 96 cm
Weight: Approximately 400 g

Include case to put in the umbrella.


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