MOONEYES Glove [BK035]

MOONEYES Glove [BK035]

Our Price: 4,900Yen(tax excluded)

Color / Size:

MOON Eyeshape logo patterned glove has high heat retention on rainy day
and can be used for all seasons.

On the palm side it has a slip prevention grip so, you can hold the thing properly.
Furthermore on the thumb and index finger there are using special material and
you can use your smartphone with the glove.

Color : BK Black、 YE Yellow
Size : M、L、XL
Surface material: Neo Plane
Inner side : Amara

Handling Recommendation

*Please be sure to choose the appropriate size that fits your hand since it may cause a drop in usability
*When it get wet, please fix the size and dry it out of direct sunlight. Please do not dry it with the dryer.
*Please not that by friction and moisture some color might fade.
*When you store is avoid the direct sunlight and recommended to store a place with low humidity.


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