EYEBALL Tie-Dye T-shirt [TM733]

EYEBALL Tie-Dye T-shirt [TM733]

Our Price: 3,600Yen - 3,900Yen(tax excl.)

Prices vary according to options.

Color / Size:
EYEBALL Tie-Dye T-shirt
S〜XL 3,600yen、XXL 3,900yen

Tie-dye t-shirt which has some retro feeling with the rainbow color and the EYEBALL.
Vivid rainbow color, EYEBALL, and lettering of the Peace will definitely get everyone's attention.
The item that will make energetic like GO!! GO!! MOON!!
If you give attention to the exclamation mark ...?

Color: TD Tear Drop,
Size: S、M、L、XL, XXL
Material: 100% Cotton

S size: Length 66 cm Chest 43 cm Sleeve length 15 cm Shoulder width 41.5 cm
M size: Length 71 cm Chest 47 cm Sleeve length 17 cm Shoulder width 45.5 cm
L size: Length 71.5 cm Chest 52 cm Sleeve length 18 cm Shoulder width 51 cm
XL size: Length 74 cm Chest 58cm Sleeve length 19 m Shoulder width 56cm
XXL size: Length 75 cm Chest 61.5 cm Sleeve length 19.5 cm Shoulder width 58 cm

※ Please note that, it is using US manufacturer so,
depending on the arrival date, there might be difference to the size.

To keep the quality of the prints, reverse the shirt before you wash it.


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