MOON Silicone Dog Bowl [MG810YE]

MOON Silicone Dog Bowl [MG810YE]

Our Price: 1,200Yen(tax excl.)

MOON Silicone Dog Bowl

Silicone material foldable bowl for your dog!
It is light and firm silicone and you can able to adjust the depth.
By adjusting it, you can make adjust by the type of your dog or use either side for water and food.
It is with a carabiner so, you can put it on your bag and belt during a walk with your dog.

On the outside Wildman design MOON Dog HAPPY DOG LIFE is printed and for the inside silhouette of Chihuahua is embossed.
We also habe same design MOON Dog Bag Holder and MOON Dog Denim Lunch Bag.

Color: YE Yellow
Size: Diameter 13cm Depth: 5cm


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