How does this work?


After logging in, the evaluation in the product who shopping, you can write a review. So many people to be a reference, auto parts, please fill out the attached vehicle type.

Write a review and 5 points awarded on the spot!

Review method

1. your shopping in the login state

2. There is a "button to post a review" to the product detail page capped shopping.

3. You can post a review from the purchase history confirmation of my page.

■ Review of the modification, deletion method

1.From the review management of my page, delete, you can fix.

■ Notes Review

1. About reviews

Reviews are a useful resource to help our customers make buying decisions on the basis of genuine impressions and opinions, in the form of text, images, or video, contributed by previous purchasers.

2. Prohibited content

Controversial content:

• Defamation or threats directed at other customers or at third parties.

• Vulgar, obscene, or illegal content.

• Inflammatory content intended to antagonize other customers.

• Content that is discriminatory on a political or religious basis.

For-profit contributions:

• Contributions for the purpose of advertising a competitor's wares.

• Paid contributions made in exchange for compensation of any kind, including payment, discounts, or goods.

• Repeated spam reviews on a single item made for the purpose of inflating or deflating the review average of that item.

• Content that requests that readers give positive feedback for that review.

Content in violation of property law or personal privacy:

• Personal contact information, including (but not limited to) telephone numbers, addresses, email addresses, or website URLs.

• Content containing identifying information, such as photographs of the face, without the explicit consent of that person.

• Images, video, or other media to which the reviewer does not own the rights.

• Plagiarized text.

• Content that is otherwise in violation of the law.

• Content deemed inappropriate for the shop, at the discretion of the shop owner.

3. On the use of the review function

The review function is free to use. By using it, you grant permission for the shop owner to reproduce, quote, cite, display, publish, or use for other purposes at will, without notifying the reviewer.