MOONEYES JCI Sticker [DM221]

MOONEYES JCI Sticker [DM221]

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In Japan, all cars must have a Japanese Car Inspection (JCI) sticker. This is usually every two years unless it's brand new (3 years) or very old (1 year). The sticker is now quite small and you stick it on the inside of your front windshield. Now you can dress up your JCI sticker with this CQQL MQQNEYES JCI Sticker! It can easily peeal and stick again so when you change the JCI sticker each renewal, it can be used again.

★★Made in USA★★

JCI: "Japanese Car Inspection"
Size: (W)8.5cm x (H)5.7cm
It is type to stick it from the inside.

*Can be use for standard size car registered in Japan, which have taken car inspection by January 2017 for K Car (Light Car) 2014.
*We also have other design to check it from here

If there are any questions, contact us.

How to Use
1. JCI Sticker is usually stick like the image.
2. Put MQQNEYES Original "JCI Sticker" on top of the JCI sticker.
3. Front Windshield will now be USA Style!!
4. You can use it for several times.
So you can take it off when it is time for inspection and put it back after that.

5. If you stick it around here it will be more closer to the USA style but it is your own responsibility to take the risk.


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