Ronan One Stroke Paints

Ronan One Stroke Paints from NEW YORK
Ronan One Stroke Paints
Specialty paints for graphic arts

One Stroke Lettering Enamel is an extremely high hiding, high gloss paint specially formulated to meet the requirements of the sign industry for an easy working, one stroke enamel. These paints are designed to flow nicely, dry to a clean edge and leave no brush marks. With 37 brilliant colors, One Stroke Lettering Enamels feature excellent gloss and superior durability with outstanding fade resistance for a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

Perfect to use for pinstriping, signboards, car, bike, windows and other places.

*You can use with reducer sold separately.
*The color might differ from the image.
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Each sold separately. 237ml (1/2 pint)
Price varies on color selection.

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